We launched our Eshop Themes Browser

We launched our Eshop Themes Browser

We launched our Eshop Themes Browser

We launched our Eshop Themes Browser

Our platform is meticulously designed to ensure that your customers experience a seamless and secure journey while exploring and purchasing their favorite vinyl treasures. Whether you’re a label, a store, a collector or a distributor, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to announce the launch of our Themes Browser, giving you the freedom to choose a look that reflects your unique brand, making it stand out from the crowd. Get started now!

Themes Browser View

A new Themes Browser

You’re looking for an Eshop solution that connects with Discogs©? Common Ground was made for you. We provide an environment that matches your profile and requirements as a vinyl retailer. Create your own, or start with a theme designed by our team - 100% customizable and open-sourced. 

Architectural inventory management : the foundation that Common Ground is built on to power in-store, online, new and second-hand record sales. Our tools and services enable shops, labels, and distribution to start, manage, and scale their businesses, while also providing an Eshop with custom themes for every profile.

How to Apply a Theme 

In the backoffice, you can browse and preview themes from our gallery, and then easily install it to your account. Once installed, the theme can be edited before being activated and going live on your Eshop.

To preview and install a theme:
1. From the backoffice go to Eshop Editor → Themes
2. Click Create a new theme
3. The Themes Browser opens - browse and preview themes here.
4. Click on a theme, then Install this theme to add it on your account.
5. Once added to your account, the theme can be edited before activation.

Note: Theme installation can take few minutes.

Edit a theme

Adapt a theme to your identity without code using the Eshop Editor. A dynamic preview model allows you to experiment with color, fonts and tweak the fine details in real-time. You’ll find tutorials, help and inspiration in our Eshop Guide.


Themes introduction

Since the Beta period in November 2023, we’ve introduced 20 free themes designed for record sellers. These themes include specific features such as interaction animations, inspired content presentation and smart navigation solutions. 

Deep Archives Theme

Deep Archives embodies simplicity and optimal readability. With a two-level navigation system, it provides visitors with a seamless shopping experience. The combination of typographic details and a thoughtfully designed grid structure creates the perfect visual framework for showcasing your musical curation. Present your services, define your business terms, and enhance your presence on social networks.
Preview Deep Archives Theme

New Legacy Theme

The New Legacy theme is where tradition meets the future of online commerce. This digital landscape pays homage to the roots of the Common Ground platform, while embracing cutting edge e-commerce activities. Its design effortlessly integrates a classic online shop with modern functionalities, creating a platform that feels both comfortable and dynamic. 
Preview New Legacy Theme

Classic Theme

Designed for the daily requirements of a record store, the Classic Common Ground theme includes all the essential features for online sales. Provide intricate navigation through categories, formats, or styles. Highlight your retail (B2C) or distribution (B2B) business, announce your pre-orders, and promote your latest releases. This theme will support you in your growth, whether you're a physical store or an online selling platform.
Preview Classic Theme

Lite Theme

The Lite theme offers a lightweight environment to showcase your selections and collections. The design, specifically optimized for mobile and tablet browsing, transforms this theme into a streamlined e-commerce and marketing tool for communication and activation. Populate your inventory, upload your logo, and you're ready to go live.
Preview Lite Theme

Low Tech Theme

Nostalgic for the old web? Go back in time to showcase your collection through this retro theme. The simple grid structure highlights graphic design and images and will immerse visitors in the heart of your inventory. Add references with Discogs, import audio samples, and sell your most beautiful bits online securely.
Preview Low Tech Theme

Killa Rhymes Theme

The Killa Rhymes theme is a true visual symphony designed for artists seeking an exceptional online presence. The theme doesn't just showcase - it interacts. Embed audio and video clips so fans can feel the energy of your tracks at the heart of your world. Your online store becomes an interactive stage where fans connect even more deeply with your music.
Preview Killa Rhymes Theme

More Themes

Browse our complete Themes catalogue from the backoffice Eshop Editor. Register now and start your free 7-day trial. No commitment or payment required.

Want to submit a Theme or need something specific custom designed? Contact us. 

mercredi 24 janvier 2024

mercredi 24 janvier 2024

mercredi 24 janvier 2024

mercredi 24 janvier 2024