Point of Sale (BETA)

Point of Sale (BETA)

Point of Sale (BETA)

Point of Sale (BETA)

Common Ground is proud to introduce the Point of Sale iOS app BETA version. Take card payments directly with a dedicated card reader and keep your inventory synchronized with Online and Discogs sales. Sellers in the shop can now checkout customers without the need for any external payment provider.

Transform your retail experience with the Common Ground POS app, the dedicated POS solution designed to make every transaction smooth and efficient. Whether you run a small record store or an itinerant business, our app provides all the tools you need to manage your business effortlessly.

The POS mobile app is designed and developed for Apple’s devices only. Supported devices are newer up to date iPads and iPhones. The iPad is constrained to landscape mode while the iPhone is held in portrait mode exclusively.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through sales inventory with ease.

  • Mobile Flexibility: Process payments anywhere with the portable Stripe terminals.

  • Sales management: Monitor your sales directly from your Point Of Sales app.


  • A Common Ground account connected to Stripe 

  • A card reader BBPOS WidePad3 or M2 (U.S) ordered from their Stripe account (ensure geographic compatibility)

  • An iOS device running 17.0 (iPhone / iPad)


Get started by downloading the app from Apple's AppStore.

Follow our guide to setup your Point Of Sale:

In order to get started you will need to purchase the WisePad3 or M2 (United States) card reader from Stripe:

Geographic eligibility

Is an account eligible for the WisePad3?

App name: Common Ground POS
Software requirement: iOS 17.0
Price: Free 0€ / 0$
Transaction fees: Depends on Stripe and location
Geographic limitations: none

Attention: Android is not supported and is not in development. It can be estimated that the Android app will be developed next year (2025) depending on results
Note: Apple’s Tap To Pay is not yet supported (still in beta).


The app will be available initially in English and French but the following languages will follow:

  • French

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • German

  • Italian

We're delighted to launch this new feature in beta. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve it. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Support team.
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Common Ground Team

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lundi 1 juillet 2024

lundi 1 juillet 2024

lundi 1 juillet 2024