A safe new season

We've been working hard all summer long to provide with new essential features: an improved Eshop checkout, clearer documentation and useful editorial tools for articles.

Since our launch in 2018, and thanks to ongoing feedback from both sellers and buyers, the platform and its features continue to evolve into a robust web technology. We’re proud to be the first POS system dedicated to record selling with a complete and adaptable Eshop environment, including a brand new and remodeled checkout app featuring a “Click and Collect” option.

As the platform has grown significantly in the last months, we decided to rebuild and redesign our checkout app to ensure an optimal display on all browsers, tablets and mobiles (read full article here) but also to guarantee a safe and enjoyable user experience.

We’ve also revamped our Documentation section, which is now available at docs.common-ground.io, with a selection of refined topics and tips. And last but not least, our Article Editor is now arranged in rows and columns, increasing the design possibilities on your pages (preview page here).

We are constantly working on new features to keep increasing efficiency while running your business, feel free to contact our support team to provide feedback or suggestions.  

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CG Team
Tuesday, 24th Sept 21

Monday, November 22, 2021