#Eshops Reviews (June 22)

Since launching Common Ground, we’ve been hard at work updating and improving the platform to help independent resellers through an accessible, modular and fully functioning tool.

Visit Chat Noir store

Going against the industry standards, we believe that an online resource which facilitates creative direction, be it visual or musical, as well as original content, is essential for record stores. Putting our design and engineering capabilities together at Common Ground, we have created a tool enabling shops to import their whole online inventory through a dedicated editor.Setting up an Eshop using our platform will optimise your online catalog while generating more sales by offering the “click and collect” option to your customers or by adding audio snippets to your items (already more than 200 000 snippets available direct from the shared Common Ground Audio Library). 

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Managing your Eshop has never been this easy thanks to the unique interface which will let you create new pages and articles highlighting artists, collections, record labels or charts. Your site structure and navigation can be edited from the Menu page to bring forward your catalog, categories, merch or labels, enabling fully customisable music curation for your customers. The CSS Editor and its integrated presets will allow you to modify the look and layout of your page. Highlighting a record via a newsletter campaign or through Instagram marketplace couldn’t be made easier.

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In anticipation of our Theme Browser, we wanted to give you an overview of a few Eshops recently created using our classic Common Ground layout. You will find a whole array of record stores with their own universe, content and unique identity. Some of these websites were designed in collaboration with our team, while others were set autonomously - feel free to get in touch with our support team for more information.

Visit The Other Records

Visit Carpet and Snares

You can also create an account and test out the platform for 7 days free of charge as well as consult our demo page (demo.common-ground.io) displaying all our current functionalities for e-shops.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022