Goods: A selection of shops from our platform

Goods: A selection of shops from our platform

Goods: A selection of shops from our platform

Goods: A selection of shops from our platform

Hey all, and happy new year! Since we are now working with quite a great deal of tremendous shops around the world, we thought you’d like getting a taste of our honey. So here we are, introducing the first episode of this recurrent-to-be series, with a special focus on the Land down under, aka Australia.


echo & bounce

I assume we can all agree on one thing: via Tornado Wallace, Kia, River Yarra, Jad & The or András (just to name a few spearheads), the underground Australian scene made over the past few years its own trademark of perfectly blending Trance, Rave, House and Breakbeat. But if we were looking for a single place to embody this vibe, where would it be? Maybe we can settle on echo & bounce which, after a couple years of existence in another part of Brisbane, recently moved into an old building in Woolloongabba district. Thus allowing them to throw parties in their adjacent-to-the-shop Refuge venue.  So, if you are curious about the Aussie talent pool, echo & bounce will definitely come handy thanks to their exclusive local / national section. And don’t worry, they also offer leftfield local fishes, along with their catches from international waters. | © Katy 陳 Dyer

Waiting Room

Because once you are firmly addicted to (collecting) something –let’s say records–, why not develop a new habit –let’s say contemporary art–, just for fun? And once you’re used to it, what the hell! let’s try out new stuff, right? Wearables, publications, objects… Everything will do the job, as long as it’s tastefully-selected by your special dealer. Speaking of whom, if you’re located in Brisbane, I can only recommend you to stay away from this almighty Waiting Room, otherwise you’ll be the next one to fall for its hook! | ©Jack Gibson


Shari-Vari Records

As I accessed Shari-Vari Records' website, I instantly got triggered by the Downtempo inaugural sidebar. Rare enough to be noticed and appreciated, as front displays usually are the prerogative of rather mainstream, club-friendly materials. Further on in my browsings, I also thankfully discovered a wide variety of genre tags for once, including Patrick Little’s (the founder) recommendations. Better: as soon as I came across the Ambient and Leftfield sections, I knew I would finally be able to fulfill my most exotic fantasies. At some point, I even got lost in a neo-classical album and forgot I initially came there to write about the store. Maybe because the shop pics gave me a delightful glimmering of the warm, muted atmosphere that seems to reign in. Just like home! | ©Duncan Wright


RPM Records Posters Memorabilia

What If Bill Tannen’s “Grays Sport Almanac” were to exist in real life? I bet you could dig it at RPM Records Posters Memorabilia! Since 2015, the shop located in Marickville, Greater Sydney has specialized in Pop-Rock timeless standards, Jazz & Soul must-haves, along with a great bunch of movie soundtracks, pop-culture souvenirs and sports miscellaneous. | ©DR


Counterweight Vinyl & Espresso

Special Agent Dale Cooper once said: “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it. Don't wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men's store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee”. Well, replace the shirt abd the catnap by a cool second-hand vinyl of Drum‘N’Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, House or Techno, and you might properly treat yourself at Counterweight Vinyl & Espresso. Good to know: the shop features many Japanese pressings if you’re an obi-stripe lover. | ©Caitlin Briese

Daisy Records

Daisy Records is one of these shops where you could browse endlessly, yet no item would clash with their incredible selection. A strong trancey fragrance emanates from their Electronics shelves, while many other records spread the honeyed smell of hatching buds! Make sure to pick some flowers and bring back home a wonderful bouquet. Cool fact: these ones won’t wither in a week! Special mention to their newly founded eponymous label and their Inner Sound guestmix series, showcasing Melbourne’s young shoots and more, much more. | ©DR

Wax Museum Records

Sixteen years, is it enough to be considered as a big player in the record shops game? Because that’s how long Wax Museum has been doing it! A huge selecta of (old school) Hip-Hop, soulful beats and jazzy cuts, all the refs you should have in other genres, more than 20 vinyl releases on their own imprint...  A real cornerstone for the Melbourne scene: watch the boss and learn how it’s done! | ©Dean Vidafar

By Loïs Markarian, ©DR & Common Ground

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